Bringing People Together A Cup At a Time!
"We Hang! We Don't Bang!

From a table on Mission Beach, to a store in Mission Valley Mall. Our mission is simple yet powerful: Bring people together through premium apparel and merchandising 

Our mantra, "We Hang! We Don't Bang!" represents our commitment to cultivating a culture of connection and respect. We celebrate diversity and strive to build bridges that unite people from all backgrounds.

When you shop with us, you become part of something bigger. Each purchase contributes to our efforts in organizing community events, mentoring initiatives, and sponsoring activities for the youth

Together, we can create positive change and a brighter future where everyone feels a sense of belonging!

Red Cup Gang
"The brand promotes anti violence and positivity which is why I rock with it!" - Matthew Bradley Sdsu Basketball Team
The Red Cup
Meet Terell Online

Hi, my names Terell Owner of The Red Cup Gang Brand. It started in the studio with a bunch of friends. It wasn't planned, it just happened. I made it a hashtag on twitter and it took off. It’s been growing ever since. 

Ive faced some rough times, as everybody and lost people on the way to dumb situations. That's where the motto: “We hang! We don't bang." comes from. It’s about bring people together. Stopping violence!