Our Story

Meet Terell

Hi, my names Terell Owner of The Red Cup Gang Brand. It started in the studio with a bunch of friends. It wasn't planned, it just happened. I made it a hashtag on twitter and it took off. It’s been growing ever since. 

Ive faced some rough times, as everybody and lost people on the way to dumb situations. That's where the motto: “We hang! We don't bang." comes from. It’s about bring people together. Stopping violence!

I lost everything in 2018 - even ended up homeless, but I didn't give up. I started again with 150 CDs and $75 and built it into what it is today.

I set up shop on Mission Beach, in San Diego, near my home town of Oceanside! We sold 8000 T-shirts that summer alone, and everyone in town started to recognize us. We even opened a store in Mission Valley Mall, called The Red Cup. And the rest is history!!